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Wealth Significance™


Assisting families to find their
passion, create their greatest impact, and
to live inspired lives!

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You only get one life so make the most of it!
Let Wealth Significance revolutionize
your journey.

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A true legacy is formed by looking forward not by
living in the past.





Many families are realizing that financial success is not the same as living a significant life.  For some people, that clarity comes after a tragedy, or life-changing event.   However, you do not have to suffer a great loss or overcome huge obstacles to find your significance and create a lasting, impactful legacy.  By taking the time to explore your personal passions, assets, and skills, you can start to build a plan to fulfill those desires and create a legacy you can be proud of.

Planning for an Inspired Lifestyle and an Impactful Legacy requires more sophisticated and creative strategies than at any other time in history.   The innovative Wealth Significance ® Process will take you on a journey of discovery and delight as you create a picture of your future desired Lifestyle and the Impact of  your Family’s Legacy!

The Wealth Significance ® Process provides clients with an experience of uncommon depth by providing their wealth manager, tax professional, and estate planning attorney with the tools to create a customized strategy that addresses your future desired lifestyle and the desired impact on your family’s legacy.

“One big footstep for you…one giant leap for your family’s future.”

  • Our Promise:

    The process is based on providing information designed to educate, enlighten, and empower clients to make better financial decisions for their family.  As always, your initial consultation is free

  • The purpose of our 57-minute lifestyle and legacy assessment:

    To get to know you and your situation.

    To help you uncover the hidden dangers and opportunities.

    After the initial consultation, the only decision you have will be to continue the conversation with your advisors.  The Wealth Significance process acts only as a guide to provide your advisors with insight, instruction, and coordination.

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